Circle of Pillars

The Circle was established in 2008 with initially a dozen volunteers from the Santa Clara Community willing to support the activities of the Mission City Community Fund.  Over the years, MCCF has benefited from strong, community-oriented pillars who assist the MCCF board in carrying out our joint mission of raising funds through selling event tickets and raffle tickets, distributing announcements, helping set up for MCCF events, staffing registration and soliciting items to be sold in the annual auction.

The Circle is the premier volunteer service committee of MCCF.  Pillars enjoy participating with like-minded neighbors and friends who wish to be involved in our community.  As a member, you have the flexibility to spend a small or large amount of time as your schedule permits.

For membership information contact us at

Pillar Members

  • Loretta Beavers
  • Mario Bouza
  • Noreen Carlson
  • Starr Contreras
  • Butch Coyne
  • Brian Goldenberg
  • Hilary Keith
  • Julie Jaroshenko
  • Ravinder Lal
  • Debbie Tryforos
  • Daniel Meyberg
  • Ruth Lemmon
  • Steve Lodge
  • Grant L. McCauley
  • Keri McLain
  • Jeannie Mahan
  • Lou Mariani
  • Rick Mauck
  • Tedra Nikolai
  • Carmen Pascual
  • Louis Samara
  • Marti Ragone
  • Abby Rollet
  • Arlene Rose
  • Joe Siecinski
  • Keith Stattenfield
  • Anna Strauss
  • Bill Strauss
  • Eva Sutton
  • Kathy Watanabe
  • Nancy Biagini