Grant Applications

Does My Organization Qualify for a Grant from MCCF?


The criteria for grant funding are as follows:

  • Preference is given to eligible proposals demonstrating the most urgent and immediate need for funding.
  • Grant awards must be directed to programs benefiting residents, groups, or¬†organizations serving the City of Santa Clara and the surrounding Silicon Valley.
  • Grants may be requested to initiate a project or program, to support the further¬† development of a current service, or to purchase equipment.
  • Recipients who have received grants twice consecutively may not receive a grant for a third consecutive funding cycle. They must sit out at least one funding cycle before reapplying.
  • Within six months of receiving funding, grant recipients must demonstrate that the MCCF grant has been expended in a manner consistent with the purposes indicated in the grant application submitted.

MCCF and our Bentzien Endowment Trust Fund do not make grants to the following types of organizations and uses:

  • Political or lobbying organizations
  • Organizations or foundations that distribute money to charity (pass through)
  • Private foundations or endowments
  • Sponsorships of fundraising events
  • Beauty or talent pageants
  • Salaries or Wages of employees
  • Purchases already made or services already rendered

Grant Application Form

Mission City Community Fund has two funding cycles. Final grant application submission for the first (Spring) cycle is January 31, with approved funds distributed during April. Final grant application submission for the second (Fall) cycle is July 31, with approved funds distributed during October.

To apply for a MCCF grant, download and submit a completed application form. For questions regarding grants, contact Allocations Chairperson at

Download the Grant Application Form

Mail completed applications to:

Mission City Community Fund
c/o Allocations Chair
P.O. Box 587
Santa Clara, CA 95052-0587